The Hunger Games

Title: The Hunger Games

Author: Suzanne Collins

Ok. I admit it. I never thought that i would ever read the Hunger Games in my life. I then, to my great surprise, recieved the full set for Christmas. I had read them all within a fortnight. These books are absolutely FANTASTIC. They are really well-worded, and hold you in suspense throughout the whole book. I am now a Hunger Games fanatic.

Sixteen-year old Katniss Everdeen’s society is split into twelve districts, along with the Capitol. A female and male from each district are forced to take part in a live TV show called the Hunger Games. But this is no normal TV show. The 24 young participants are placed in an arena to fight to the death – Only one can survive.

When Katniss steps forward to take her twelve-year old sister’s place, she may well just have ordered her own death. But Katniss has been near death before. For her, survival is a second nature.

There are quite a few covers for this book. The one i have is alright, but it could be better. It is black with the hunger games symbol, the mockingjay, on the front. Scarily enough, it has red splatters printed on to it. Unless i am mistaken, that can only mean one thing – blood. The cover is ok, and it would make me pick it up, but i think that it would be a bit more attractive if it was a bit more exciting and gripping. I think that one of the other editions, like the one showing the mockingjay on fire, would be more eye-catching.

The blurb, i think, is very good. I like the way it has one gripping comment in bold at the top, which makes you read on. I think that it describes the book well and would most definitely make me read it. It sounded strange and different, which is also a bonus. I thought that it was also a really good idea to use short sentences and make the whole blurb short. It doesn’t give much away, either – which is really good. I despise blurbs that give the whole plot away.

My favourite character in the book is Katniss. She loves to hunt and her favourite weapon is her bow and arrow. She is often quiet and generally like by her district’s residents, mostly because of her ability to provide highly-prized game for a community in which a constant threat is starvation.

I really think you should read this if you liked Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Divergent. I would rate it 12+ for mostly boys although girls can read it too – my only warning is that it is a real tear-jerker at some points, as well as making you want to throw up or rip the book to shreds. Now go read it. Go…go…I SAID GO!!!



Title: Divergent

Author: Veronica Roth

So i read reviews about this book. Apparently it was absolutely fantastic. The following week i seen it in Asda going for £3.50. So i thought ‘Yeah, why not.’. Currently i am constantly checking my doorstep to see if the third and final book has arrived yet. As you can probably tell, this book is fantastically wonderful. If you see this in the shop or in the library, i’m begging you – you must read it.

Beatrice Prior lives in an unsociable enviroment. It is split into five factions – Abnegation, Dauntless, Erudite, Candor and Amity. Beatrice was brought up in the Abnegation factor – A place where people are selfless, and would do anything to help others. When children come of age, the must be tested for which factor they belong in. The following day, the children must then choose a faction to live the rest of their life in. But Beatrice Prior gets unusual results in the test. Results that could change her life dangerously…

The covers of this book vary – there are about three, i think. The one i have is the movie cover, which is very catchy indeed. It shows two young people standing on top of a high rise building – this just made me think what on earth are they doing up there?! This is what made me pick up the book.

Automatically i turned to the blurb – as i always do. The blurb is different and also very catchy. It has good description and good use of words. The story line sounded peculiar – so what was i to do apart from start the first page? I was then instantly hooked.

My favourite character in this book was Four. I don’t normally like male characters in books but Four is different. He is open but secretive. He is also very spontaneous – you don’t know what he is going to do next.

I think you should read this if you like books like the Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. I would recommend it for girls and boys of 11+, as it gets quite gory and possibly scary at some points. I really think you should go reserve this book from your library. Or go to a shop and get it. You’ll love it, i’m telling you!!!

A series of unfortunate events – The Bad Beginning

Title: A series of unfortunate events – The bad beginning

Author: Lemony Snicket

Ok. First thing I’m gonna say is that you have to read this book. The way the story line is set out makes you want to read on and on, throughout the night without stopping. I’d rate this book 10 out of 10. There are 13 books in the series of unfortunate events series, not including the autobiography. ‘The bad beginning’ is a top rated book, in my eyes, and you have no excuse whatsoever not to read it.

The Baudelaire children are very unfortunate. VERY unfortunate indeed. When Mr Poe, A friendly banker who is always coughing, arrives at Briny beach togive out some very unfortunate news to Violet, Klaus and Sunny, their lives change forever….

Someone in my family bought the first two books in the series for me, and I admit that they did sit on the shelf getting dustier and dustier until finally I ran out of books to read and grabbed the first one. I started reading it straight away and ended up sitting on my staircase for hours on end.

The cover is very catchy, wondering who that evil man is, and what he plans to do. If I had seen it on a shelf of any kind, I may have picked it up, but it would probably depend on what I was into reading at the time of seeing it.

The blurb is really good. I guess that’s all I can really say. It describes the story brilliantly without giving anything away, which is fantastic. I think if books didn’t have covers, only blurbs, I definitely would’ve picked this up.

My favourite character in this book has to be Violet. She always has a ribbon with her, she is an inventor and she acts like a mother to Klaus and Sunny.

I think that you should read this if you’re interested in evil men, crazy theatre shows, a crazy plot and some helpless orphans, and I’m going to recommend this to the age group of 9-909. I’ve read the whole series of these books at least 3 times. Now I demand that you go read this!!!!

Really Weird Removals

Title: Really Weird Removals

Author: Daniela Sacerdoti

I really enjoyed this book and I finished it the night I got it, due to my serious case of can’t-put-the-book-down-‘cause-its-too-good-itis. It is very well written and once you start reading it you simply cannot stop! I absolutely LOVED it because, in a way, it is like my two favourite series of books – Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. I really really like reading about mythical creatures and things that would never happen in the mortal world to us muggles. (See, there I go again!) Anyway, I rate this book 9 ¾  (ahahaha, get it? No?)  because everything is brilliant except the fact of how SHORT it was. This book really deserved to be double the size of which it was published.


The front cover would make me pick it up, and maybe read a couple of pages, but I think that that would need some improvement if it wanted to make more people read it, so I think that it would be a big hit if the cover was edited as the storyline is great.


The blurb, I have to say, is really good. That would make me read the book, or at least a chapter or two. When I got given this, I went and put it in my room, not really looking at it properly since I was doing something at that time. When I plonked myself down in bed that night, however, I read the blurb and with the only sounds in my room being the flick! flick! Of the pages, I had finished it only moments before I drifted off to dreamland, in which I was being kidnapped by a kelpie.


My favourite character is Valentina  ( I just LOVES the way she loves HP!!!) , because she loves reading and writing, and she is a very trustworthy person and always trys to make things better and help people.


I would recommend this book to anyone who liked reading Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, if you want to read about some really, seriously WEIRD stuff, or if you just want a really good, well – written book. But, in my opinion, I wouldn’t read it unless you are in or close to the age group of 9-12. WELL DONE DANIELA SACERDOTI!

How Embarrassing is That?

Author: Pete Johnson


If you think you’re parents are embarrassing, then get a load of this.

‘How embarrassing is that?’ Is a book about a young girl called Ruby, and her two friends, Grace and Callum. Callum holds a contest to see who’s parents are the most embarrassing. Join the trio as they go through what could possibly ruin their lives.


I did enjoy this book, and it was quite good, but it was a very very very very light and short read. I read it one night in the time of 5 minutes, and that was the problem. I’d much rather have a very long novel – something that would keep me occupied for more than a week. Apart from that. It was a good book.


The front cover, to be honest, wouldn’t make me pick it up off of a shelf. I, personally, think that it would be better as a cartoon, but, y’know. That’s my opinion.

OK, the blurb might make me pick it up, but , yet again, I wouldn’t take it, I’d probably put it back.

The book might’ve been a little more interesting if the Ouch! Factor was longer, but I guess it’s aright as it is.


I would recommend it to the age category of 8 and up, if you want a short read, and possibly a bedtime short story. I think I’ll rate it as 4 out of ten. Maybe that’s a little harsh but, that’s my opinion– the lowest yet – why so low? I think it’s because for one it was so short, and two – it wasn’t much of an interesting story.

Percy Jackson and The lightning theif

To be honest with you, I never would have thought of picking this book up off of the shelf until i was absolutely desperate for something to read and review.I didn’t think it would be that good, but boy, was i proved wrong.I had always thought that Percy Jackson was a boyish type of book, but yet again, i was proved wrong.

This book is a brilliant book, about a sixth-grader named Percy Jackson, who has ADHD and Dyslexia.He has been to six Different schools in six years.In the summer, he finds out that he is a half-blood.Half God,Half Hero.He is forced to leave his mother, to go and train at Camp Half-Blood.There he is given a quest.One of the most dangerous quests possibly alive….

I really really really liked this book, and have already reserved the rest of the series in the library.Percy Jackson and the lightning theif is the first of many books by Rick Riordan.You may think that it is a boys book, judging by the cover, and yes, i guess it is aimed at boys around the age of 9,10 and 11, but that doesn’t in any way mean that girls can’t read it.

The blurb is what really made me check this book.The words ‘hero’,’half-blood’ and ‘dangerous’ made me check this book out.And now, I’m actually really happy that i did get it, because although it’s like a 400 page book, i devoured it in a day, because it’s really hard to look away from it, never mind put it down to go to the toilet – it was torture going to bed.

Another reason i loved it is because it makes greek myths come to life.I don’t want to spoil it in any way, but i like the way medusa plays a part in it.

I suggest reading this book no matter what gender you are, although i’d say ages 8 plus.It is in no way a horror book, but it is fantasy and thrill categorised in my eyes. What are you waiting for? Go read it! Now!

School for stars: First term at L’etoile

Title: School for stars: First term at L’etoile

Authors: Holly and Kelly Willoughby

School for stars is a fantastic series about a pair of twins named Molly and Maria Fitzfoster, who attend a high up stage school, who hope to achieve high expectations.In their time at the school, the pair become a trio, as they meet their dormitory room-mate, Pippa Burrows.As the time flies past, Maria writes her mystery blog, Yours,Le’toilette, and they help Pippa achieve her dreams.

I really liked this book as it makes you think that anything is possible,and that dreams can come true.I really enjoyed the story-seeker snippets (You’ll find out what they are when you read it) because they inspired you to read on, as does the whole book.

The front cover does,in a way, explain the type of book, since it is a girly book of stardom,fashion,love,laughter and girly talk.My favorite character in the book just has to be Maria Fitzfoster, as she’d rather attend an academic school than stage school, but instead of being separated from her twin, Molly, she decided to go with her sister’s plans, which I think is a great act of kindness and loyalty, which is what makes me like her so much.

The blurb is fantastic and yet again, made me pick this book up off of the shelf in the library, which i think is a great talent for any book to have.

I would be recommending it to any who want a light, happy and inspiring read, although I think it would be best if you were ages 7-12.

Overall, I greatly loved this book, and i hope you do too.