A series of unfortunate events – The Bad Beginning

Title: A series of unfortunate events – The bad beginning

Author: Lemony Snicket

Ok. First thing I’m gonna say is that you have to read this book. The way the story line is set out makes you want to read on and on, throughout the night without stopping. I’d rate this book 10 out of 10. There are 13 books in the series of unfortunate events series, not including the autobiography. ‘The bad beginning’ is a top rated book, in my eyes, and you have no excuse whatsoever not to read it.

The Baudelaire children are very unfortunate. VERY unfortunate indeed. When Mr Poe, A friendly banker who is always coughing, arrives at Briny beach togive out some very unfortunate news to Violet, Klaus and Sunny, their lives change forever….

Someone in my family bought the first two books in the series for me, and I admit that they did sit on the shelf getting dustier and dustier until finally I ran out of books to read and grabbed the first one. I started reading it straight away and ended up sitting on my staircase for hours on end.

The cover is very catchy, wondering who that evil man is, and what he plans to do. If I had seen it on a shelf of any kind, I may have picked it up, but it would probably depend on what I was into reading at the time of seeing it.

The blurb is really good. I guess that’s all I can really say. It describes the story brilliantly without giving anything away, which is fantastic. I think if books didn’t have covers, only blurbs, I definitely would’ve picked this up.

My favourite character in this book has to be Violet. She always has a ribbon with her, she is an inventor and she acts like a mother to Klaus and Sunny.

I think that you should read this if you’re interested in evil men, crazy theatre shows, a crazy plot and some helpless orphans, and I’m going to recommend this to the age group of 9-909. I’ve read the whole series of these books at least 3 times. Now I demand that you go read this!!!!


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