There’s a boy in the girls bathroom

Author: Louis Sachar

This book is well worth reading.If you’ve never heard of it, then i suggest you start looking it up on amazon.It is an extremely touching, yet light and worthy read.It is about a boy named Bradley Chalkers, who is known to be the worst in the class, welcomes two new people into his life – The school counsillor,Carla, and the new boy, Jeff Fishkins. Through the events in this story Bradley struggles through life, and, yes, you guessed it, the title says it all.

The book cover is really good, although i did only notice the picture when i was half-way through reading it, as it doesn’t really catch your eye, but, if on a shelf and you single it out, you will find (or i did) it makes you laugh, and that, really and truly, inspires you to pick it up, and, well, read it!

The blurb on the back of the book does also want to make you read on, and there’s nothing that i, personally, would change about it as,to me, it seems like the perfect blurb for this kind of book.

I honestly think that this book is absolutely brilliant, and wouldn’t have came accross it if on of my friends,(who i shall not name), had asked me to review it – and miraculously, i found time to finally do it!

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick, light and yet (funnily enough) a strong read, In the age group of about 8 plus.

I also want to say sorry to my local library for the large tear drop on page 172.I am very sorry about that.

So yeah, to be honest, go get it in your nearest library or buy it here – as it is a 20 out of 10 star book.Well done Louis Sachar for writing such a wonderful book.


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