The Hunger Games

Title: The Hunger Games

Author: Suzanne Collins

Ok. I admit it. I never thought that i would ever read the Hunger Games in my life. I then, to my great surprise, recieved the full set for Christmas. I had read them all within a fortnight. These books are absolutely FANTASTIC. They are really well-worded, and hold you in suspense throughout the whole book. I am now a Hunger Games fanatic.

Sixteen-year old Katniss Everdeen’s society is split into twelve districts, along with the Capitol. A female and male from each district are forced to take part in a live TV show called the Hunger Games. But this is no normal TV show. The 24 young participants are placed in an arena to fight to the death – Only one can survive.

When Katniss steps forward to take her twelve-year old sister’s place, she may well just have ordered her own death. But Katniss has been near death before. For her, survival is a second nature.

There are quite a few covers for this book. The one i have is alright, but it could be better. It is black with the hunger games symbol, the mockingjay, on the front. Scarily enough, it has red splatters printed on to it. Unless i am mistaken, that can only mean one thing – blood. The cover is ok, and it would make me pick it up, but i think that it would be a bit more attractive if it was a bit more exciting and gripping. I think that one of the other editions, like the one showing the mockingjay on fire, would be more eye-catching.

The blurb, i think, is very good. I like the way it has one gripping comment in bold at the top, which makes you read on. I think that it describes the book well and would most definitely make me read it. It sounded strange and different, which is also a bonus. I thought that it was also a really good idea to use short sentences and make the whole blurb short. It doesn’t give much away, either – which is really good. I despise blurbs that give the whole plot away.

My favourite character in the book is Katniss. She loves to hunt and her favourite weapon is her bow and arrow. She is often quiet and generally like by her district’s residents, mostly because of her ability to provide highly-prized game for a community in which a constant threat is starvation.

I really think you should read this if you liked Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Divergent. I would rate it 12+ for mostly boys although girls can read it too – my only warning is that it is a real tear-jerker at some points, as well as making you want to throw up or rip the book to shreds. Now go read it. Go…go…I SAID GO!!!


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