School for stars: First term at L’etoile

Title: School for stars: First term at L’etoile

Authors: Holly and Kelly Willoughby

School for stars is a fantastic series about a pair of twins named Molly and Maria Fitzfoster, who attend a high up stage school, who hope to achieve high expectations.In their time at the school, the pair become a trio, as they meet their dormitory room-mate, Pippa Burrows.As the time flies past, Maria writes her mystery blog, Yours,Le’toilette, and they help Pippa achieve her dreams.

I really liked this book as it makes you think that anything is possible,and that dreams can come true.I really enjoyed the story-seeker snippets (You’ll find out what they are when you read it) because they inspired you to read on, as does the whole book.

The front cover does,in a way, explain the type of book, since it is a girly book of stardom,fashion,love,laughter and girly talk.My favorite character in the book just has to be Maria Fitzfoster, as she’d rather attend an academic school than stage school, but instead of being separated from her twin, Molly, she decided to go with her sister’s plans, which I think is a great act of kindness and loyalty, which is what makes me like her so much.

The blurb is fantastic and yet again, made me pick this book up off of the shelf in the library, which i think is a great talent for any book to have.

I would be recommending it to any who want a light, happy and inspiring read, although I think it would be best if you were ages 7-12.

Overall, I greatly loved this book, and i hope you do too.


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