Really Weird Removals

Title: Really Weird Removals

Author: Daniela Sacerdoti

I really enjoyed this book and I finished it the night I got it, due to my serious case of can’t-put-the-book-down-‘cause-its-too-good-itis. It is very well written and once you start reading it you simply cannot stop! I absolutely LOVED it because, in a way, it is like my two favourite series of books – Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. I really really like reading about mythical creatures and things that would never happen in the mortal world to us muggles. (See, there I go again!) Anyway, I rate this book 9 ¾  (ahahaha, get it? No?)  because everything is brilliant except the fact of how SHORT it was. This book really deserved to be double the size of which it was published.


The front cover would make me pick it up, and maybe read a couple of pages, but I think that that would need some improvement if it wanted to make more people read it, so I think that it would be a big hit if the cover was edited as the storyline is great.


The blurb, I have to say, is really good. That would make me read the book, or at least a chapter or two. When I got given this, I went and put it in my room, not really looking at it properly since I was doing something at that time. When I plonked myself down in bed that night, however, I read the blurb and with the only sounds in my room being the flick! flick! Of the pages, I had finished it only moments before I drifted off to dreamland, in which I was being kidnapped by a kelpie.


My favourite character is Valentina  ( I just LOVES the way she loves HP!!!) , because she loves reading and writing, and she is a very trustworthy person and always trys to make things better and help people.


I would recommend this book to anyone who liked reading Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, if you want to read about some really, seriously WEIRD stuff, or if you just want a really good, well – written book. But, in my opinion, I wouldn’t read it unless you are in or close to the age group of 9-12. WELL DONE DANIELA SACERDOTI!


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