Oranges In No Mans Land

Oranges in no mans land is a tearful story about a Beirut war-time girl called Ayesha. They live in a battle-scarred flat full of refugees. Ayesha and her two brothers, Latif and Ahmed, live with her granny, and Ayesha takes matters into her own hands as her Granny’s medicine runs out, a life or death situation.Join her as she races across the green line into no man’s land.

I really liked this book even though I found it quite boring at first.One suggestion I would make is moving the ‘About the Author’ section to the end, as I guess it doesn’t really make you want to read on.

The cover of this book would probably make you pick this book up, but as I said,I would probably have read the first page and put it down.The cover,I guess, Is kind of catchy,but the oranges part of it only describes one certain page of it.

The blurb is Ok, but it would be a bit better if it included something about the soldiers and that.The thing I do like about it though is whats happening and what this book is about, as some books don’t include that.

The story itself is great from chapter three onward. Although this is me talking and i probably think differently from everyone else, I wouldn’t actually call them chapters.I think this book would be much better if written as a diary because I don’t think chapters suit this book as it is quite short.

Overall i really liked this book, even though it took some encouraging from my mum to get me into it.

I am recommending this to anyone who wants a light read, from around age eight and upward.

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3 thoughts on “Oranges In No Mans Land

  1. hey Caitlin, you should really read and do a review for warrior cats, its not every ones cup of tea and you either love or hate it but if you have the time I’ve got the first book and you can read it if you’d like, just Facebook me if you want to, okay?

  2. hey caitlin i really read and review about the war monkey because it is so good and quite sad i rea 2 times so if u wan to read it facebook me if u like or dislike the book x

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