How Embarrassing is That?

Author: Pete Johnson


If you think you’re parents are embarrassing, then get a load of this.

‘How embarrassing is that?’ Is a book about a young girl called Ruby, and her two friends, Grace and Callum. Callum holds a contest to see who’s parents are the most embarrassing. Join the trio as they go through what could possibly ruin their lives.


I did enjoy this book, and it was quite good, but it was a very very very very light and short read. I read it one night in the time of 5 minutes, and that was the problem. I’d much rather have a very long novel – something that would keep me occupied for more than a week. Apart from that. It was a good book.


The front cover, to be honest, wouldn’t make me pick it up off of a shelf. I, personally, think that it would be better as a cartoon, but, y’know. That’s my opinion.

OK, the blurb might make me pick it up, but , yet again, I wouldn’t take it, I’d probably put it back.

The book might’ve been a little more interesting if the Ouch! Factor was longer, but I guess it’s aright as it is.


I would recommend it to the age category of 8 and up, if you want a short read, and possibly a bedtime short story. I think I’ll rate it as 4 out of ten. Maybe that’s a little harsh but, that’s my opinion– the lowest yet – why so low? I think it’s because for one it was so short, and two – it wasn’t much of an interesting story.


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