My name is mina

Title:  My name is mina

                  Author: David almond



Mina thinks anything is possible. Mina thinks about everything. From Dust to Angels, This book will keep you occupied and entertained no matter how many times you read it. She writes and writes about her thoughts and dreams in an empty notebook, and as it grows it turns into something out of this world.


The cover has a piece of text that really inspires you to read on, and gives you what mina thinks about the world.

Although it doesn’t have a brilliant picture that catches your eye from millions of miles away, it is a touching book about a girl who sees life in a different perspective.


From the first page of this book I was hooked, and even when I got told lights out in a few minutes, I must’ve kept reading for about an hour after that!


The winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award, the Whitbread Childrens Book Award and the Carnegie medal, it is the stunning prequel to skellig, And I am recommending this to anyone who likes a good,long, sad yet happy story.


Download a free sample chapter. , or buy the book here – .


One thought on “My name is mina

  1. Oi! Lights out means lights out. Your giving all your secrets away here. Any wonder I can’t get you out of bed in the morning!!!!!!!!

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