The boy in the Biscuit Tin

The boy in the biscuit tin is a stupendous book about three young children – named Ibby, Francis and Alex, who come across an old box of magic tricks in the attic. Ibby is sure that it is not real magic, but what she doesn’t know is that a small thing like that can cause real chaos!


I think that if I had never heard of this book before, but discovered it on the library shelf, the blurb would have made me read it straightaway, but the one thing I would add is to mention great uncle godfrey, as he is one of the main characters, or so I think.


The title is really actually quite catchy, and the front cover is brilliant, as it makes you wonder ‘why has that little boy got a top hat and wand, and how on earth can he fit on them biscuits?’


I have read this book before many times, and sometimes people may ask why I don’t get bored of it, but I think there are specific types of books that you don’t get sick of.

The one thing I would change in this book though is where the story ends. And even though the wand breaks, I would like to hear more about what happens next – a sequel would be even better – what about ibby’s daughter? Or Alex’s son?!


My favourite character in this book just has to be Ibby herself. She is cheery, enthusiastic, and likes books. Even though at some points she was isolated from Alex and Francis, she puts their safety before her own.


I would be recommending this to anyone who likes books that are funny and imaginative, as it truly is ‘a Walliams in the making’.


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