Billionare Boy

Title: Billionare Boy

Author: David Walliams

The blurb is really good as it makes you wonder what boy would do with millions of gazillions of pounds, but I think it would be better if it included a bit more about his dads company, bumfresh, and how Joe struggles to make friends.

The cover is brilliant, showing Joe jumping up and down in coins and notes, also telling you that there is a free billion pound note inside!

I probably would have picked this book off the shelf as I like David Walliam’s books and I would probably categorize this book in the ages of 8 – 11.

My favourite character in this book is Raj, the funny man that works in the newsagents, and he is included in nearly all of Walliam’s hilarious books!

So, If you like Mr.Stink, Ratburger and Gangsta Granny, Then this is DEFINITELY the book for you!!!

Get this book here  –


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