The History Keepers – Circus Maximus

I thought the blurb was really actually quite good, although it would be better if it included more about spies and hair – raising chases as that is actually what the book is about. The one section in the blurb that did catch my eye though was the part about Agata Zeldt because it says that she is the most evil woman in history, which actually makes questions pop into your head like ‘Why is she the most evil woman in history?’

The cover is alright but would be more appealing if it showed something to do with evil women and secret spies as I wouldn’t really have chosen this book myself as if I had seen this on any shelf, I probably would have thought that it was a kind of history book set in Rome, all about chariot races and ancient emperors, but the one thing on it that wouldn’t make me think that would be the writing at the very top – ‘its the race of their lives’ – but I also think that it should be in a different colour, as it’s not really very clear.

My favourite character in this book has to be Miriam Djones, Jake’s mother.

All throughout the book she is always mischievous and curious. I also like the way that she can burst out laughing in the middle of a serious meeting!

I recommend this book to anyone who wants adventure, mystery and likes a few good vs. evil battles, And to any Harry potter fans!

Get this book here –


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